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The History of Warren House

An Ever-Present Heritage

The history of our prestigious events venue is a large part of what makes it so unique, and as such, we aim to preserve and nurture it wherever possible. Our fine rooms have played host to some of Britain’s social elite, forward-thinkers and pioneers that came to shape the progress of the Country, and, some say, the very Empire itself. In our short blog, we briefly examine the history of Warren House, providing links to further reading for those looking to delve deeper into our illustrious past.

Situated on a strategic trade route from London to Portsmouth, Warren House and the surrounding Coombe Estate luckily found themselves at the epicentre of the expanding British Empire during the Second Industrial Revolution. The house itself was built in 1865 for Hugh Hammersley, a successful banker to the British Army. The land on which Warren House was built was adjacent to James Veitch & Co’s famous Coombe Wood Nursery, where plants collected from around the world were grown and sold.

Over the centuries, the Warren House Estate passed from family to family, with wealthy bankers, American heiresses, politicians and humanitarians alike all counting themselves amongst its elite owners. Each owner left their own unique stamp on the building and its surrounding gardens, creating the beautiful, inimitable venue that we all enjoy today.

A Timeless Location

Since 2005, Warren House has been renowned as a prestigious venue for weddings, corporate and private events. Contact our team to learn more about our fabulous wedding and corporate hire packages today. Alternatively, lose yourself in the rich history of our stunning property with ‘Tales of The Warren House’, a delightful non-fiction account of the history of its remarkable owners.