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Meetings at Warren House

It is vital for your business’s effectiveness to ensure that you and your colleagues work to full potential. At Warren House we’re aware that, more often than not, it’s only possible to keep that momentum going by refreshing your ideas. For that reason, our Surrey conference centre strives to accommodate all our client’s business needs, by providing a peaceful venue away from London’s frantic environment.  

A Helping Hand

Not only will you and your staff enjoy the benefits of our tranquil setting, but you’ll also be waited on by our diligent team ready to meet your bespoke requirements. We recognise that this event is to be led by you, but hosted by us. With this in mind, Warren House makes a conscious effort to provide the essentials to help streamline your experience. From our supply of stationery and flipcharts, to the use of our conference phone and complimentary Wi-Fi, there’s no need to spend precious business time organising the functional details.

What’s more, our inclusive technical support helps to eliminate any IT glitches during your meeting. Our in-house team can pre-load and test your files on our laptops, guaranteeing that everything is in working order before business gets underway.

What, Where, and When?

With our 9 event spaces available for up to 120 delegates, our Kingston-upon-Thames conference centre is fully primed to become your space for the day, allowing your business to achieve its objectives. With our varied range of meeting facilities and services, it’s possible to choose Day Delegate or 24 Hour Conference options according to your preferences.

To make an enquiry or a reservation simply contact us today to discuss availability.