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foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding

As a reputable hospitality venue, we at Warren House understand that our business can have a direct impact upon our local surroundings, and indeed the broader environment, which is why we foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding and education between our staff and guests. By implementing a comprehensive green policy, we aim to encourage both our employees and residents to limit their environmental impact wherever possible.

Our Current Measures

  • We offer secure cycle parking facilities, encouraging both staff and guests to cycle to our premises in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • In an attempt to curb unnecessary energy consumption, we’ve implemented a “Green Residential Policy”, which encourages guests to re-use their linen and turn off any electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Wherever possible, we recycle glass, paper and waste products in accordance with our local council’s guidelines. We’ve also put an organic recycling policy into effect, wherein any waste products from our kitchens are combined with wood chippings and transformed into compost, before actively feeding and developing our awe-inspiring natural surroundings.
  • In the majority of instances, we’ve replaced existing chemical products such as detergents and washing agents with environmentally-friendly counterparts.
  • Any promotional or informative materials we distribute have been printed on traceable, consciously sourced recycled matter from sustainable origins.

Looking to the Future

As a business, our future initiatives will focus on continually redeveloping Warren House, implementing and installing the latest technologies to reduce our carbon footprint, direct environmental impact and overall fuel consumption.