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Easter Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Egg-cellant Easter Ideas

Easter is one our favourite times of year at Warren House. Our beautiful gardens begin to come to life, and as the spring temperatures begin to rise, so do our spirits as we head towards the balmy days of summer.

As Good Friday and Easter Sunday fall within the parameters of the school holidays this year, it’s the perfect opportunity to engage in some fun, family-orientated Easter activities! We have compiled a list of some of our favourite Easter-themed games and activities for you – perfect for keeping children and adults alike entertained this holiday season.

Host An Easter Egg Hunt

Everybody’s favourite scavenger hunt. This is the perfect activity for families with young children. Use either self-decorated eggs or colourful purchased varieties and secrete them in cunning locations, either outdoors or indoors, and watch the fun ensue.

For older children, you can combine the hidden eggs with cleverly written clues, designed the help the seekers find the next secret location. You could even try turning these clues into little poems to showcase your creative flair.

Pin The Tail On The Easter Bunny

This is a fun and easy game to set up. All you will need is some cardboard, colouring pens, glue and cotton wool.

Step 1: Draw a big bunny on either a large sheet of cardboard or a sheet of paper and affix it to the wall.

Step 2: Use cotton wool to fashion ‘bunny tails’ for each child and glue them to a cardboard base. Be sure to write each child’s name on their designated tail’s base.

Step 3: Place blue-tack on the cardboard base of each tail and blindfold the children, one by one, and see who can pin their tail closest to where the bunny’s tail should be.

Egg Painting

This is always a popular activity, and for good reason! The whole family can show off their creative side by painting either real eggs (make sure they’re hard boiled first!) or decorating shop-bought models. You can combine this activity with the Easter egg hunt, giving the children extra incentive to find their own painted designs!

Spring Cleaning

Don’t worry, this game is a lot more fun than it sounds! For this activity, you will need some mini eggs of assorted colours and some plastic cups.

Give each child a selection of the same number of mini eggs and a plastic cup for each egg colour. Using only one hand and picking up one egg at a time, the children must separate the eggs into different cups, making sure all the colours are grouped in separate cups. For example, all the green eggs should be in one cup, the yellow eggs in another, etc.

The first one to group all their eggs correctly by colour wins!

Easter Lunch

After all this fun, you’ve probably worked up quite an appetite! At Warren House, we have the perfect finishing touch for your Easter festivities – a delectable three-course lunch from our coveted à la carte menu. 

Available eggs-lusively on Easter Sunday (21st April), we are offering this delicious selection, complete with a complimentary glass of Prosecco, beer, or soft drink of your choice from only £42.00 per person.

This special offer also includes our very own zingy lemon sorbet between courses to refresh and cleanse your pallet, as well as a sweet chocolate egg gift for the children.

Easter-noon Tea 15th – 28th April

Not only this, but available from 15th to 28th April, we also have our egg-ceptional Easter-themed Afternoon Tea selection.

Does the prospect of some inspired Birds Nest Carrot Cake sound enticing? Or how about our indulgent Vanilla Crème Brulees, complete with Egg Custard Foam? See our special selection here.

Book early for both our Easter Lunch and Easter Afternoon Tea offers to avoid disappointment, and eggs-pect a delicious treat!