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Venue for Events near London

Venue for Events near London

If you are running a business event, whether a meeting, workshop or perhaps even a launch, it is important to get the right setting. You want your guests to be impressed with the venue, but also to feel as comfortable as possible. At Warren House, we offer the perfect setting to entertain your guests and although it is located in a peaceful, garden setting – it is easily accessible from London. If you want to offer your guests something a little different and unique, our venue for events is the perfect option.

What we offer

Our venue is peaceful, relaxing and secluded. It is the perfect setting to get away from the busy London bustle, which can help your guests to really focus on what you are saying. We also provide options for fine dining and if your guests would rather not rush back home, there is also the option for overnight stay. We will help ensure the setting is uniquely tailored to suit the individual needs of your business.

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To find out more about our venue, you can reach us directly on 0208 547 1777 or you can make an enquiry via the contact form on our website.