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Meeting Room Venues Surrey

Meeting Room Venues Surrey

Need to hire a meeting room venue in Surrey?

Quarterly meetings, performance reviews, interviews, training and much more go on within a meeting room. It may be a regular thing with a date set in stone or something that is needed intermittently throughout the year, but you will want a space that you can trust.

We work on a flexible timetable to give you the best chance of maximise your time in each meeting.

Here at Warren House we offer several options which you can hire out for your next meeting. Whether you are searching to book our meeting rooms once a month at a set time or you need it for one event in short notice, we are able to provide you with the support that you need.

Our spaces will offer you soundproofed privacy and ensure you create a great lasting impression with those whom you are meeting. We attract companies from all over the city who want to escape the stress, noise and pollution and share ideas in beautiful surroundings away from the high-pressure environment of central London.

We have everything you need to hold highly productive meetings including all the facilities and equipment you expect from a top conference venue.