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2019 Wedding Trends

2019 Wedding trends

With two royal weddings taking place in the mid and latter parts of 2018, there’s definitely romance in the air, and the internet is buzzing with matrimonial fever. If you and your beloved are looking to take your vows in 2019, we have some remarkable and effective themes and ideas for you to pass your eyes over before-hand.

Whether you need some inspiration or are simply curious to find out what your big day can offer you and your guests, read on for our top, hot wedding trends of 2019 – they’re going to be big, and not necessarily expensive!


2019 Wedding dress trends

Arguably the most important part of the wedding ensemble, your dress is the material embodiment of the culmination of your romance.

The traditional white option is still as timeless as ever, however, for the latest wedding trends in 2019, the desire to be bold with colour is rife throughout the wedding planning community.

Deep, royal navy palettes are a popular alternative to the classic blanched aesthetic, or should you prefer the traditional whites and ivories, strong flashes of plums and golds are the perfect enhancement to add depth to your ensemble.

With Meghan Markle’s gorgeous boat-necked gown taking centre stage in May, an off the shoulder, boat-necked cut makes for a classic, flattering and sultry silhouette in 2019.

Puffed sleeves are also seeing a resurgence, with the addition of sparkly details to give that luxuriant feel without being too overstated.

Meghan’s exquisite tiara has also prompted the return of the head adornment’s demand – we are all princesses after all.


  • Deep colours and accents
  • Sleeves – delicate lace or puff
  • Geometric lines
  • Head adornments


Wedding jumpsuits

For those ladies looking for a chic alternative to the wedding dress, the jumpsuit has seen a soaring rise in popularity with designers, who are opting to don brides with swathes of stunning silken material which flatters all figures and curves.

The jumpsuit’s ability to marry classic elegance with modern convenience makes it an excellent choice for those wishing to take a step away from the traditional whilst still honouring the feel.

When opting for the contemporary and stylish jumpsuit, consider:

  • Shimmering material
  • Elegant lines
  • Tradition vs modernity


2019 Wedding décor trends

Complementing the desire for richer colours in dress palettes is the lust for vibrant, colourful décor.

Warm, regal hues such as burgundies, copper sunsets and golds are replacing the silvery metallic décor preferences of yesteryear, and according to 2019 wedding flower trends, the conventional flower wall has recently yielded to twined, leafy vine arches.

These rustic curvatures have recently become favoured for their natural forest feel, as we become more aware and appreciative of our worldly environment.


  • Warm, rich colour hues
  • Natural vines and leaves in addition to, or in replacement of traditional flowers
  • Strands of lights, clustered and swathed around pillars, ceiling beams and other structures for a magical, star-lit feel


2019 Wedding invitation trends

Traditional, hand-accented wedding invitations are surpassing their gimmicky modern counterparts this year, with couples opting for beautiful calligraphy, neat folds and quaintly drawn maps to make up the body of their invitation’s content.

Small, illustrated touches truly make the invitation feel personal and love-crafted.

When sending out your invitations, consider: 

  • Hand-drawn finishes
  • Illustrations/artistic maps to the venue
  • Bright colours


2019 Wedding food trends

Whilst sit-down dinners will always be a popular option for any wedding, 2019 is going to see an invigorated transformation of buffet-style choices in nuptial catering.

Rather than just one buffet selection, themed food stations are set to be all the rage, with sushi and seafood bars, custom mini pizza platters and cocktail bars with bespoke concoctions named after the lucky couple.

With a growing diversity in regards to our culture and food, couples are often choosing buffet bars themed with their ancestral countries and local delicacies as a way to embrace and share their heritage with their guests.

Vegetarian and vegan food bars are also a great way to cater to particular dietary requirements, as well as exposing guests to unique and interesting alternatives to their usual cuisine.

When planning your food selection, consider:

  • Themed buffet options
  • Food of significance to the married couple and their families
  • Dietary requirements of certain guests
  • Personalised drinks/cocktails

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